2020 BMW M4 Full Detail + Ceramic Coating

Find out how we beautifully detailed and coated this 2020 BMW M4 Competition.

We had a client in Melbourne bring in a 2020 BMW M3 Competition to our detail shop in Epping.

The car was left outside in the elements and needed major detailing done.  Being that it is a black colour car, the damage on the paint and the clear coat was very noticeable.  There were numerous swirl marks and contaminants on the paint.

We knew that this was the perfect job for us.  We have been dealing with this type of paint for over a decade.  Gaining the trust of our client is one of our number one properties and we wanted to do the best detailing and ceramic coating service possible.

We first started with a full decontamination wash.  This will help break up and loosen all the debris that was on the car.  This type of car wash helps us loosen the contaminants without incurring additional damage to the clear coat or paint.

Then we did our full paint prep to see the true extent of the damage.  This includes using an iron remover and a full clay bar for all painted surfaces.

Once we accessed the damages properly, we decided to go with a two-stage correction.  This will remove the swirl mark and bring the paint back to pristine condition.  We know that not many detail shops in Melbourne go through this process as it is very time-consuming but we wanted what is best for our detailing customers.  This stage typically takes one to two days to complete.

Once the paint has been corrected, we applied a ceramic coating from Gyeon.  We are an authorise dealer and trust the coating that they provide.  This is a professional-grade ceramic coating that is only available to authorise dealers in Melbourne.  We know for a fact that the coating will last for years to come and offer the protection that the customer wants.

The ceramic coating offers an additional layer of protection on the paint.  This makes washing the car much easier, hydrophobic, protects the paint against environmental contaminants, and minimises additional swirl marks.  Ceramic coating has gone a long way in terms of technology and we know that this will blow the customer’s expectation away.

We also protected the car’s rim with ceramic coating.  Many people wonder why you ceramic coat the rims.  The reason is that this helps preserve the rims shine and appearance.  Just like with the car’s paint, the rim now has a layer of protection and makes it very easy to clean from brake dust and other debris.

Once the coating has been applied, we apply infrared heat to ensure that the ceramic coating cures.  Every one of our ceramic coating customers gets complimentary yearly maintenance.  This ensures that the ceramic coating is performing as it should and we will do any corrections needed.

We also fully detailed the interior of the vehicle.  Every nook and cranny was detailed and made “new” again.  We believe that we did a good job and the customer was delighted with the results.

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