A brand new 2023 Nissan Z Proto Spec came straight from a dealer in Melbourne to our Epping detailing shop to get the paint protected.

The customer wanted to keep his brand-new Nissan Z “brand new” for years to come.  While he had many choices, he decided to go with Car Life Detailing because of our reputation and 5-star Google reviews from past customers.  When the car arrived, we gave the customer a variety of different paint protection packages.  Since we have options for every detailing budget, the customer decided to use paint protection film (PPF) on the front of the car and ceramic coat the rest.

This is a highly popular package for customers who are on a budget.  This enables the high-impact zone (front of the car) to be protected with PPF but also maintains the integrity of the paint for the other areas of the car.  Our full-front PPF package includes the bonnet, front bumper, headlights, guards, and side mirrors.

We decided to “bulk” the bonnet and guards for maximum PPF coverage.  This enables us to tuck the PPF and gives it an invisible look.

yellow nissan z bulk ppf bonnet

As you can tell from the photo below, we take pride in applying PPF.  The PPF not only protects the car but looks almost invisible.

Once we completed the PPF, it was time for Dennis to perform his magic.  He prepared the vehicle and corrected any defects from the factory paint.  Even though this was a brand-new vehicle, polishing was needed to remove any swirl marks or defects found.  We wanted to make sure the paint was perfect before we applied the ceramic coating from Gyeon.  While polishing a new car might not be a standard for many detailing shops, we believe that even though the car is straight from the dealership, paint imperfection is still present and we wanted to make sure that it was free from any flaws.

Gyeon ceramic coating

Being that the car is new, the customer also wanted us to coat his rims and windows.  We took the rims off the car, washed and a light clay, and then applied Titan Coatings – Pyro PRX.  This is a protective layer that is applied on the surface of the rims.  It creates a hard durable barrier that protects the wheels from road debris, brake dust and other environmental factors.  Once Titan coating has been applied, we applied an IR lamp to cure the coating.

Rim IR Lamp Detailing Melbourne

While the wheels were off, we also applied Pyro PRX to the break calipers.  This ensures that the yellow stays yellow.

Nissan Z brak calipers

We also used Titan’s Hyperglass and applied the coating on every exterior window.  This coating incorporates ultra-advanced mimetic nano components which offer great hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant protection to the glass.

Titan Glass Coating

Here are some photos of the finished newly PPF and ceramic-coated Nissan Z Proto Spec:

Nissan Z melbourne customer

Nissan Z headlights

Nissan Z rear end detailing

We were happy to deliver this vehicle to the customer.  We also offer free checkups on the coating and PPF.  We understand that the product is not static, regular maintenance is recommended.

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