2023 Telsa Model Y Performance Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating

A Tesla came in with serious paint issues.

2023 Telsa Model Y Performance Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating

As electric vehicles gain popularity around the world, we are starting to see more and more Teslas on the road here in Melbourne.  We here at Car Life Detailing have been detailing Teslas for over 5 years.  Everything from Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X.  

As you are aware, Teslas are very unique vehicles.  Besides the fact that they are electric, the paint and clear coat on them is very thin compared to other major automobile manufacturers.  Tesla’s paint thickness ranges between 0.5-4mm while other leading car companies are anywhere between 6-15mm thickness.  Being that it is so “thin”, Tesla owners are more inclined to get the paint protected with ceramic coating or paint protection film.  This adds an extra layer of protection to help maintain the car’s paint. 

At our shop in Epping, we’ve seen plenty of our customers show up with their “new” Teslas with plenty of paint chips and defects.  Even Teslas that are only days old have chips in them as the roads in Melbourne are littered with road debris. 

This is especially true for the Tesla Model Y.  The way the rear doors are designed makes them prone to rock chips.  The front tyres protrude out of the body and forces anything on the road onto the rear door panels.

Here are a few examples of Teslas without any paint protection:

Tesla Model Y paint chips Stone chips on Tesla Model Y

A customer in Melbourne came to our shop to get their Tesla paint corrected and a ceramic coating.  You might think that paint from the factory is perfect but this is far from the truth.  Here is the paint that was from this brand-new Tesla Model Y Performance:

Tesla Model Y paint swirls

As you can see from the picture above, the clear coat has a lot swirl marks and micro scratches.  This is more visible in person as the camera does not capture all of the comestic damages.  Our expert detailers went to work and were able to polish the clear coat to remove all the scratches.   We believe the paint now looks better than the factory!  Below is an image of the paint after we have performed the paint correction:

Tesla Model Y paint corrected

After we have fully corrected the paint, we applied professional grade GYEON ceramic coating to every painted surface of this 2023 Tesla Model Y.  GYEON is an industry leader when it comes to paint correction.  This is not your average ceramic coating that can be bought online.  We had to go through a rigorous process to become an authorise dealer.  We wanted to ensure that our customers get the best paint protection available.  We’ve been using this brand for over a decade and believe in the product we use.  We offer our customers a 10-year warranty on all ceramic coatings.  All ceramic coating jobs get free yearly maintenance to ensure the product is working as it should.

We were able to fully restore his paint and delivered the car back to the customer in 2 days.  We strive on providing the best detailing service while maintaining a timeline that works for our customers.

Ceramic coating is not just there to protect the paint but also has a variety of other benefits.  

Ceramic Coating Benefits:

Washing – Now you can wash your car much faster and easier that is protected with ceramic coating.  

Hydrophobic – This means that water beads off the paint at a much quicker rate and does not bond to the paint.

UV protection – Adds a layer of protection from the Sun’s UV rays from minimise fading

Road Tar – Driving in Melbourne can be detrimental to your car’s paint, a good coating can protect it from tar which can stick to your car’s clear coat.

Below is a great illustration of an uncoated panel vs ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Here are photos of the finished job.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are located in Epping, just 21KM north of Melbourne CBD.  Find out why we are one of the top-rated detailing shops in Melbourne.  

Tesla Model YTesla Model Y Rims Tesla Model Y clear coat


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